Masonic Fraternal Swords & Accoutres

Masonic Fraternal Swords and Accoutrements

Ames Mfg Knights Templar Fraternal Sword and Dirk

Scarce Matching Named Sword & Dirk

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite 14th Degree Sword

very scarce grand elect mason sword 

Knights of Pythias Uniform Rank Whistle Sword

same exact sword pictured in book

Knights of the Tented Maccabees Whistle Sword

scarce pattern m-1860 pattern type sword with whistle guard

Masonic Sword Hudson River No 607

nice original sword

Patriarchal Circle Fraternal Sword

very scarce pattern gold sword

Royal Arch Mason Order of High Priesthood Sword

scarce pattern sword with fluted bone grip

Royal Arch Mason Sword W/S

original sword with fluted bone grip

Woodman of the World Fraternal Sword

scarce pattern 1860 s&f line officers sword exact sword in book