Official Written Appraisal with photographs

Official Written Appraisal with photographs
  • Products specifications
  • Written Appraisal: for insurance and estate evaluation.  
                                Discounts for multiple items. Historical research & return shipping will be an 
                                additional charge.
    All Evaluations and Appraisals are conducted by Jason Kaplan himself. Jason has extensive experience with antique Bayonets, Swords and Firearms, and all Military Collecting.
    To do an Appraisal, we must take photos and examine the item in person.

    You will be contacted by phone or email once initial Evaluation is complete. 
    Final Appraisal Fee will depend on the Item and Research required. The Appraisal will only be conducted once the fee has been agreed.

    The Appraisal Letter will satisfy requirements for Insurance or Estate purposes.